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Ideas for a Blue Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

August 09, 2011 By: Super Design Category: bedroom design collection

girls-bedroom-decor-ideasBlue is traditionally a room color for boys, but it can work quite well for a girl’s room. Blue is a good choice of wall color in any space; it conveys a sense of peace, calm and tranquility. And in a teenage girl’s bedroom, you can play up the whimsy of the color in fun and quirky ways.

Tips and Techniques

If you’re thinking a room with four blue walls may be too much, keep the color from becoming overpowering by using a very pale, pastel shade of blue, perfect for a girl’s room. Using a light color on walls makes any space seem bigger. Or, instead of painting the walls, incorporate the color with room accents: curtains, blue bedding, decorative pillows, throws, rugs and/or carpet and even the lampshades.

Mix and Match

You’re not limited to putting the same blue on all four walls. Paint whatever strikes your teen’s fancy: designs, patterns, polka dots, stripes, motifs or alternating walls. Tone-on-tone color palettes look great, and there are many shades to choose from such as cobalt, sapphire, azure, topaz, indigo, periwinkle, navy and many more. Don’t forget the ceiling! Also try blending the color, going from midnight blue to sky blue, or incorporating another shade, going from cerulean to blue-green.


Pretty Picture

Murals are a fun d├ęcor element. For your teen’s blue bedroom, use a mural that prominently features the color. You could paint an ocean or lake with ships at sail; kites or hot-air balloons flying in the sky; or a collection of birds with blue plumage: thrushes, blue jays, peacocks, herons, kingfishers, warblers and swallows. Or, just paint any random object that she is fond of, such as hearts, butterflies, musical notes, flowers or fairies, and feature lots of blue.
















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